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jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

El FT y su angélica visión sobre Cataluña

Como siempre que el FT editorializa sobre Cataluña y Pujol, después de decir que es una gran oportunidad para Rajoy, dice la siguiente bajeza, o estupidez, o banalidad:

"Mr Rajoy should therefore take advantage of this moment of Convergència’s relative weakness to engage with Mr Mas’s latest proposals on regional financing and education policies.

By conceding to some of Catalonia’s demands, he could simultaneously stave off early elections there and, in the process, open a more sophisticated debate about the appropriate balance of power between Spain’s regions and its central government."

Sólo se me ha ocurrido esta respuesta a la consideración del director:

"Sire, there is no other balance of power than to recuperate a minimum capacity of government to end which the voracity of regional power, all of them, Cataluña included. In General your editorials are plenty of misjudjements and misinformation, not only about the Catalan issue. Perhaps you must to take a more neutral point to talk about ours, especially when your country has not solved the Scotland independence.In anyway case, in your position I would not talk about "rebalancing power" between London and Scotland."

Miguel Navascues

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Pablo Bastida dijo...

A mi se me ocurre otra respuesta a la consideración del director:
" Go fuck off yourself "

www.MiguelNavascues.com dijo...

Si era la mejor respuesta.